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Stratford Pump and Pressure

Wash Bay Festoon - Trolley System

Wash Bay Festoon - Trolley System

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The potential for hose damage in the average shop is high. Excessive, abusive vehicle and foot traffic over hoses can cause ruptures that are expensive to replace and, more concerning, dangerous to pressure washer users. Hotsy’s Trolley System can reduce hose damage, saving you money and increasing safety. By elevating the hose off the ground, the risk of excessive hose abuse is immediately removed.

Each trolley assembly has a hose guide that is attached to the trolley assembly with lock nuts. The hose travels between the trolley assembly and the hose guide, keeping the hose in place and assisting in smooth travel. Clip stops are placed at either end of the cable to prevent the trolley assemblies from knocking the wall mounts out of place. Keep your shop/work area safe and neat while saving money on unnecessary hose replacements with a Trolley System from Stratford Pump and Pressure.  


  • Trolley System Package Includes:
    • 1 – 220′ Roll of 3/16″ galvanized steel wire rope
    • 8 trolley assemblies (4 per side bay, good for 100' of hose)
    • 4 – 3/8″ turn buckles
    • 4 – 6″ x 3/8″ eye bolts
    • 4 wire rope thimbles
    • 8 wire rope clips
    • 2 wire rope clip stops
    • 4 – 2 1/8″ x 3/8″ lock nuts

System also available in stainless steel, please contact us for pricing.

Installation also available, please contact us for pricing.

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