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Stratford Pump and Pressure

Complete Pump Check Valve (6) - 9.802-603.0

Complete Pump Check Valve (6) - 9.802-603.0

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Pump valve kit for the following pumps.   Kit comes with low and high pressure vales and o-rings for the brass caps and under the valves. 9.802-603.0

HS3040G.3, GS3040G.3, KS3040G.3, LS4030G.3

HM4030R.3, GM4030R.3, LM4030R.3, KM4030R.3

HM4035R.3, GM4035R.3, LM4035R.3, KM4035R.3

HS3540G.3, GS3540G.3, LS3540G.3, KS3540G.3

HS4040G.3, GS4040G.3, LS4040G.3, GS5030G.3

HS5030G.3, LS5330G .3, GS5030G.3, LS5030G.3

Commonly found on may washers such as the Hotsy 1700 series, 1075 and 1400 series, Legacy/Hawk pumps, Landa PHW, Karcher and Shark units.  Set of 6 in one package (includes all o-rings).

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